Resubmitted tonight.

My lovely wife forced herself to read my book and proof read it for me.  I did it as well but it took a LOT more effort on her part because she has absolutley o interest in antennas at all.  How strange is that?

Not only that but because it is, by it’s very nature and subject, a bit technical she struggled through.

I really appreciate that because she actually did a better job of proof reading it than I did.

I have now completed the edits and resubmitted the book for review.  I suppose I’ll have to get another proof before approving it for publication but it is still pretty exciting to have the first copy of your book in your hands.

You can do this you know.  It really isn’t that hard and it is not expensive.

I have decided that I’ll get my Mother’s book published as well.  This will cost me a bit more money because it will need to have a colour cover and I’ll want to get as much flexibility as I can with licensing etc.

In time for her birthday seems like a good idea and she’ll be really excited, to finally be published.

Oh the power that’s now in my hands.  More books, more books, mwhahaha…

Sorry, I’ll get myself under control again.

Will anyone want to buy and read my book?  I don’t know but I think there will be some who will.  I have a cunning plan.  Hmm, that’s generally not a good way to approach this, seems a little too much Black Adder.

Well I do have a plan, I am going to use my online marketing skills to promote my own book when it gets in the catalog which just might raise it’s profile enough to get some sales.

Enough for now, another couple of weeks before the final edition is available to you the general public.

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