How Long Does It Take To Write and Publish on Kindle?

I wanted to find out so I did a little experiment.

In one week I wrote a short story, made the cover and uploaded it to Kindle.  You can get it here for free for the next 5 days. The Keeper

Now I didn’t spend the whole week writing.  I was holidaying with my wife in the Barossa Valley and testing excellent food and wine.  I cannot be certain but I think that I probably only wrote for a couple of hours each day.  Maybe 8 hours total, another couple sorting out the publishing by watching Geoff’s training videos and there it is, done.

This is not a novel or even a novella but as a first expansion of a part story I started several years ago I think it is an interesting story.

Based in the Australian outback and loosely aligned with some of the stories of the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime this is a work of complete fiction.

I enjoyed the process so much that I have a couple more book I want to write, one I started on this site and few other ideas I have had.

Actually that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that because I managed to do this easily you too can do this.

I should point out that I did follow Geoff Shaw’s excellent training, see my last blog post for more information and a link.

I got a bit excited about all this, so much so I talked Marene into publishing her book as well.  I did help her out a bit with the formatting and the cover.  Bottom line is that the book she wrote over 10 years ago is now published on Kindle as of tonight.  In 12 hours it will be approved and available for sale.

Once that is done there is a distinct possibility that I can let you have a free copy in a couple of days.

Anyway, get Geoff’s training and go get published.  It’s pretty cool to have something published and there is a possibility of selling a few.

Have You Ever Wanted To Ask an REAL Money Making Author ANY Question?

I know I have.

I know that their experience is not the same as the experience I am likely to have but you hear so much from so many people that seems improbable that it is sometimes good to get what I call ‘the good oil’.

I am unlikely to ever be on the best seller lists or recognised for my literary genius but I like to think that I am a reasonable writer and am able to provide value to my readers (that’s you by the way) in the form of a good read.

I love reading great authors, they have something special.  I also enjoy reading a lot of good authors, they are not great and are unlikely to ever write a brilliant novel but they do provide a good read.

Why am I writing this?

Damned good question.

Currently the best way to publish for the average writer, such as myself, is Kindle.  There are pitfalls here that are mostly covered by a bloke called Geoff Shaw who has a great training course and he does make money with Kindle but I have found another extremely useful link to a Reddit discussion.

You’ll get a lot of good, real time information from this flow of conversation.  It will complement the information you’ll get from Geoff’s course.

Find both at these links.

Geoff Shaw’s Kindle Training

The Reddit conversation.