Do You Want To Write Books Or Sell Books?

I am well aware that there are some people who want to write but don’t actually want to publish.  No I don’t understand that myself as I have nearly always wanted to write books, publish them and sell them.

Due to a severe lack of belief in myself, aided and abetted by some incompetent teachers, I didn’t write anything much until I got stuck into blogging.  It was then that I discovered that I not only could write but that other people sometimes enjoyed reading what I wrote.

That wasn’t the end of it though.  I got involved in Internet Marketing.  One of the things they teach is that you have to write lots of content in the form of blogs posts, articles, ebooks, websites etc. This is no longer true by the way so you don’t have to panic.

When you build a website for someone else you often have to write all the content for them as well.

So, with all that I got to write a whole lot of stuff on a whole lot of subjects which I had little or no interest in to get traffic to various websites.  Know what?  That sucks.  What I do now is write fiction, mostly, and this blog.  Both of these activities I am very interested in.

What I would like to share with you now is something which you probably would like to know about.  If you look back through the posts here there is a block of them regarding a challenge I put myself through last year.  The challenge was to write and publish a book in a matter of a few months and I documented the process for you.

I did no further promotion on this from that time and only checked in my account at CreateSpace and discovered that I had actually sold 7 copies.  This gave me a real buzz as you can imagine.

Now I had also recently followed Geoff Shaw’s Kindling training and published a short story and a fiction novel there.  They have both had good downloads while in the free zone so I re-arranged the CreateSpace book and published it on Kindle.  Made 2 sales the first day it was available.  Didn’t even get the chance to make it a free download.

Would you like to guess how excited I am right now?

You know what’s even better?  You can do exactly the same as I have done.  I have written a book and published it in only 4 hours.  I have taken a week of part time writing and I have books which I haven’t completed in 10 years so I know where you are right now.

Read the blog posts here for inspiration.  Go get Geoff Shaw’s training, it is the most comprehensive, inexpensive and complete training there is.  Follow what he teaches and you will make money just like I have done.  Maybe not a lot but that is up to you.

Another Freebie for You.

Jigsaw is partially fictional story about crime and drug trafficking in the Australian Outback.

Marene, the author lived and worked in the Northern Territory over a period of years on a number of different stations so a lot of the background information is true and gives you a great insight into aspects of station life and travelling in these wide open spaces.

My involvement in this book is limited. Marene wrote the book over a number of years but has never published it anywhere before. I helped her with the formatting for Kindle and set up the account. I also made the cover (which I quite like even though I don’t have much skill in this area) and then uploaded everything to Kindle.

I just set this up as a free download for the next 5 days. Go get it, read it and please leave a review.

I’ve read it and have also lived in the NT so I know the background is true. I like it and think you will too.

Get it here Jigsaw.