It’s a Book…

That’s right.  My book arrived in the mail today and I’m pretty excited about that.

I have proof read it now and yes there are mistakes which will need fixing.  Drat (or a stronger word or two).

I was hoping that my proofing on the screen was good enough but here’s a big tip.

Print your book out and proof read it, then get someone else to proof read it.There is no need to make the same mistake I did.  What’ll happen now is that the book will take longer to get into the store for sale.

I am slightly annoyed with myself for taking that short cut, I knew I should print it out but didn’t.

Regardless of that slight hiccup I will still get this book published before the end of February which is later than predicted but still published.

If the proofing had been done properly I would be published today.

Can you decide on a title, research your book, write it and have it published in hard copy and available for sale in 3 months?  You bet you can.

Will it cost you a bunch of cash?  No way is that a requirement.  I’ve spent a whole $8 so far.  The book will be for sale for under $10 so I’ll have to sell 2-3 to break even.

Doesn’t seem too hard now does it?

Your turn.

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