And it’s done. Finally the re-proofing is done.

This was actually done a couple of weeks ago and I have put the new book into the sales site.

My book is now officially available for sale at Amazon How to Build Effective Wire Antennas is available for sale through that link.

How cool is this though?  This is on the second page of results when you search books for the key words wire antennas.

Resubmitted tonight.

My lovely wife forced herself to read my book and proof read it for me.  I did it as well but it took a LOT more effort on her part because she has absolutley o interest in antennas at all.  How strange is that?

Not only that but because it is, by it’s very nature and subject, a bit technical she struggled through.

I really appreciate that because she actually did a better job of proof reading it than I did.