Another Freebie for You.

Jigsaw is partially fictional story about crime and drug trafficking in the Australian Outback.

Marene, the author lived and worked in the Northern Territory over a period of years on a number of different stations so a lot of the background information is true and gives you a great insight into aspects of station life and travelling in these wide open spaces.

My involvement in this book is limited. Marene wrote the book over a number of years but has never published it anywhere before. I helped her with the formatting for Kindle and set up the account. I also made the cover (which I quite like even though I don’t have much skill in this area) and then uploaded everything to Kindle.

I just set this up as a free download for the next 5 days. Go get it, read it and please leave a review.

I’ve read it and have also lived in the NT so I know the background is true. I like it and think you will too.

Get it here Jigsaw.

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