Almost Success.

Yes, almost success.

I have ordered the proof copy of my book.  In a couple of weeks I’ll have a printed copy of my book in my hands.

Once I’ve proofed it thoroughly I can approve it for release as and I am then officially a published author.

I have deliberately done this as cheaply as I can which is why it’s going to take a couple of weeks for the copy to arrive as it’s coming via sea mail.

Get this though, I have spent a total of $8.09 US to this stage.  That’s partly why it has taken longer than it really needs to as I have done absolutely everything myself.

I could have been a lot more professional and spent a bit more money to get proper graphics, cover design etc. done for me but I chose not to go down that path.

I also used all free software.  I wrote and did the layout in Open Office.  I made the graphics in The Gimp.  My operating system is Linux Mint and the laptop computer I used (and am using right now) is a second hand one which cost $1,000 over 3 years ago.

To buy the same laptop now would cost around $200.

The point is that you do not have to spend much money to get yourself published so forget that as an excuse.

What other excuse could you possibly have?  Don’t have time to write your book?  I work full-time, I have family to support both young and old and spend most of my weekends either with family or working around my home.

I write at night, in the lounge room with my wife and we talk to each other during the evening.  We also have the TV going.  We have family and friends drop in at least 50% of those evenings, the telephone rings and I usually answer it.

I’m currently watching the Australian Open Tennis while I write this, please excuse any typos or odd grammar, and Marcos Baghdatis is playing extremely well.

No I’m not a particularly well organized person by nature and I have to work hard at getting and staying focussed sometimes but despite all this and over the busiest time of year for most people I have managed to develop the concept, do the research, write the book, proof read and edit it, create the graphics and get it published (well almost at this stage).

I have also had one other of my websites shut down because it got hacked, corrected the problem and got the site back on-line, partly re-written another book for a new project, built another website for a different project.

Reads like a workaholic doesn’t it.

But I’m not, I’m actually a bit lazy and usually do the minimal work I can get away with.

What I’m trying to show you is that you can write and publish your book even though life goes on around you.  Now if you really cannot write while the TV is going or there are people in the same room then you will need to excuse yourself from those distractions and shut yourself away to write.

I suggest that if you do need to do that then do it.  Give yourself and hour or two every day to write and do just that, write, don’t read emails, don’t open Facebook, turn off your RSS news feed, ignore Twitter and just write for your allotted time.

It doesn’t matter if you have to re-write it tomorrow because getting in the habit of writing is far more important initially than anything you might write.  You will get better and the writing will improve the more you do.

Look at the top authors, they write a lot.  They did before they got famous and they still do.  I’m currently reading Nevil Shute, I’ve read 5 of his books since Christmas.  They are simple books but also profound and he has had me in tears more than once.  Do a search for ‘most prolific author’ and prepare to be amazed.

You will never get yourself published if you don’t finish writing your book.  And when you’ve finished one start another.

I’ll let you know when I can give you a link to my book for sale.

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